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Frequently Asked Questions
About Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery®

What Does a Typical Session Look Like?

With SMGI® there is no cookie cutter technique that is used for every session, therefore, every session is unique and tailored to each individual client and their desired outcome. No two sessions are ever the same. In fact, each session you experience will look and feel different as well. That is why this work is so effective. It meets you where you are at in that moment to help you to reach your goals.

But, if I was to break it down simply, this is what typically happens in most sessions.

  • We check in and talk about what it is that you want to get out of our time together. If it's our very first session we will go over your questionnaire to start.

  • You are guided inwards using meditation/hypnosis. 

  • We somatically follow what is coming up for you with me as your guide. 

  • As time draws near for our session to end you will be guided back.

  • We will have another check in before our time together ends. 

If you have any questions I invite you to book a free 15 minute consultation with me. 

How Does Trauma Get Buried in the Subconscious?

There are many factors, but trauma, life events or even social and familial stigmas are just a few reasons these answers get tucked away in our subconscious mind.

There are 4 general ways trauma comes to us. 



Any experience that was perceived as overwhelmingly dangerous or life threatening from conception forward where we were helpless to make it stop. 


Feeling unsafe and chaotic emotions and energies from those you are close to and rely upon for survival, nurturing and a loving bond. Usually parents or parent figures. Typically the younger we are when experiencing this imbalance, the more difficult it is to understand what is our emotions and energies and what is theirs.


We are all born with inherited information. How does a baby chick know how to peck it's way out of an egg? Or a new born baby know how to nurse. It's inherited instincts that we are born with. These inherited instincts can either help or hinder us along the way. Some studies show that our ancestors past psychological issues can in turn become our biological issues. These circumstances can successfully be discovered and healed with SMGI®.


Your soul has past lives and a history, and that history can affect how you live the life you are experiencing now. This means you may have been born with unfinished business that can potentially be healed in your current existence if you choose to do so. Call it Karma or negative past life exploits, these previous adventures can cause trauma and overwhelm in your current existence. 

How will I connect to my subconscious mind? 

With Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® it is possible to access the answers quickly and easily using the unique techniques of this newly emerging somatic therapy. This protocol uses light hypnotherapy, meditation and guided imagery to access the mind/body connection and access your subconscious mind and inner wisdom where all your power, intuition and knowing resides. 

Will I remember what happened during my session?

The answer to this question varies, but what I do know is that you will remember what is most beneficial for you to remember from your sessions. The beauty of this work is you do not have to recall the details to reap the tremendous benefits of SMGI®. The rewards will manifest regardless if you recollect the specific journey or not. All you have to do is notice the amazing results that follow. 

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